KYMS Habits of Hearts & Minds

Habits of Heart & Mind

In the 21st century, strong academics are necessary, but not sufficient. Information is now available to young people at the click of a button, so schools must be places of learning that provide more than the transmission and acquisition of content. By intimately linking the academic, social, emotional and spiritual we believe we will create students who are more prepared to tackle the many real-life challenges they will face in their future education, career and family.

Across all subject areas, students at KYMS develop Habits of Heart and Mind that empower them to be active, contributing participants and leaders in all the spaces that intersect with their lives – their school community, family, shul, larger Jewish community, and the broader world. Habits of Heart and Mind live everywhere in the school and are embodied in all aspects of daily life. It is a code of conduct, a value set, and a curriculum that is modeled and taught by all members of our community. It is grounded in mitzvot, halacha, and middot development in service of building building a deep sense of self, a commitment to community, and love and devotion to Israel and G-d.

Students will develop habits of empathy, gratitude, confidence, risk-taking, self-control, social & emotional Intelligence; communicators, collaborators; innovators; and leaders. They will build upon their natural sense of wonder, curiosity, joy and zest and develop a unique, distinctive and powerful voice.

While Habits of Mind and Habits of Heart are integrated into all curriculum, Advisory periods are where these habits are explicitly taught and supported. Advisory provides time and space for the school community to develop a common language, competencies, and set of values that align with our Habits of Heart and Mind and our Code of Conduct. With an adult advisor and peer-mentors, students are supported in their transition from childhood to adolescence with curriculum that promotes academic organization, problem-solving, and social-emotional exploration and regulation.

Advisory at KYMS:

• Supports 6th grade students in making the transition to Middle School by helping them adjust to a new school, classmates, expectations, schedule, curriculum, and other new experiences.

• Creates meaningful connections between academic content and socio-emotional learning across subject areas;

• Provides students with ongoing and structured one-on-one support.

• Provides students with a deep connection to one KYMS teacher.

• Provides a space for student-to-student mentoring.

• Encourages student voice and agency at KYMS.

• Provides students with a safe space for sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings.

• Allows students to be a part of a smaller community within the larger Kohelet community.

• Supports 8th grade students in their anticipated transition to High School by preparing them to adjust to a new community with different expectations, rituals and routines.

In addition, 6th grade Advisory supports students in making the transition to middle school. Advisors support students adjusting to a new schedule, curriculum structure and rules and expectations. At the start of the year, 6th grade Advisory helps students with new challenges such as finding their way around the building and understanding what resources are available to them, as well as supporting them during times and spaces that might be socially challenging, such as the cafeteria or playground.

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