KYMS Admissions Process


KYMS Admissions Process

Please follow these next steps below to apply to KYMS:


Applications can be found here and filled out on our website.

Attend an Intake Meeting

We will contact you to schedule an intake meeting with Rabbi Perl and Mrs. Troodler. We ask that

both parents attend this meeting.

Student Interview and Assessment

Our student interview and assessment gives us a chance to get to know your child. We will

contact you to schedule a 1.5 hour appointment on January 15th for us to meet with your child

and assess their reading, writing, math, Ivrit, and limudei kodesh.


An acceptance communication will be sent out mid February.


We will ask for a tuition deposit of $400 as a commitment to your child attending our school.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child in a meaningful way during this process!

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