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rsz_rsz_kohelet_lab_school_kelsh_fall_2016_large-2_2MORAH RACHAEL ELLIS, K-1 Teacher

A Pennsylvania native, Morah Rachael brings several years of teaching various elementary grades in both Virginia and Rabat, Morocco.  In Rabat, she also taught English as a foreign language. Morah Rachael’s experience in a Reggio Emilia classroom has heightened her understanding of children’s innate love of learning. By guiding their natural curiosities, she creates an environment that fosters research, collaboration, and critical thinking. Morah Rachael believes that these skills are particularly important for inspiring Jewish children to become lifelong learners. Whether it’s sharing her love of the outdoors or ensuring that every child feels touched by the weekly parasha, Morah Rachael’s passion for discovery and learning infuses her students with excitement for their own educational journey. Morah Rachael holds a degree from Georgetown University in International Politics, and is pursuing a MA in Jewish Education from Gratz College.

rsz_rsz_kohelet_lab_school_kelsh_fall_2016_large-7_2MORAH CHANA MAYER, K-1 Teacher

Hailing from Chevron, Israel, Morah Chana brings more than 10 years of early childhood and elementary school experience. Most recently, Morah Chana taught Kindergarten in Kiryat Arba. Morah Chana holds a degree in education from The David Yellin Academic College of Education as well as a certificate in rhythm and movement instruction from the Orde Wingate Institute for Physical Education. Morah Chana uses her background in Rhythm and Movement in her teaching. She believes that the use of music and movement enhances children’s ability to understand and speak a new language.

rsz_rsz_kohelet_lab_school_kelsh_fall_2016_large-6_2MORAH RACHEL OBSTFELD, Judaic Studies Team Leader (JSTL), K-1 Teacher

Morah Rachel has a wealth of experience teaching at various grade levels at Yeshiva University High School for Girls, SAR Elementary School, and Torah Academy of Philadelphia. She holds a BA in Judaic Studies and Psychology from Stern College and an MA in Bible from Bernard Revel Graduate School. The position of JSTL combines both intensive classroom teaching with curriculum development, while also facilitating a collaborative and team-like approach to planning and implementing our Judaic studies program across the grades. Morah Rachel has a passion for creating a warm, student centered, environment where every child is poised to succeed.

rsz_2rsz_kohelet_lab_school_kelsh_fall_2016_large-3_2MORAH HANNAH ROTHSCHILD, K-1 

After graduating from Towson University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education, Morah Hannah taught elementary school in both the public and the private school systems in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Most recently, Morah Hannah was the lead teacher in the Bright Horizons Jewish preschool and is currently pursuing her MA in Special education at West Chester University.  Rooted in a commitment to inclusion education and a passion for Judaism, she individualizes curriculum infused with Jewish values to promote the success and wellbeing of all students.  Morah Hannah is thrilled to be a part of the team that fosters imagination, curiosity, creativity and independence as the core, of not only academic excellence but an engaged life.

rsz_rsz_kohelet_lab_school_kelsh_fall_2016_large-5_2RABBI JEFFREY WEISS, RAV YAAKOV, K-1 Teacher

Rav Yaakov, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, has teaching experience in both public and Jewish day schools. Rav Yaakov has Semikha from RIETS, an MA in Jewish Education and Administration from Azrieli, and a Masters in Elementary Education from Creighton University. Most recently, Rav Yaakov served as an Educator, Pastoral Services Coordinator and Mashgiach Ruchani in Omaha, Nebraska. In those positions, Rav Yaakov developed and promoted educational and social programs for youth and adults, implemented curricula for supplemental Jewish learning, and oversaw a wide range of services in the Jewish community from kashrut to conversions to pastoral care.  Known for his sincere and compassionate nature, Rav Yaakov is passionate about Jewish education and experiences. He believes that it is vital for children to enjoy their learning and make connections to the material, their peers and teachers.

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