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About Kohelet Yeshiva Middle School

The world is rapidly changing, and in order for our children to succeed, schools must change too. At KYMS, we are redefining what is possible in Jewish education by actively engaging students in intellectual inquiry and creative design through empirically supported approaches to academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.  

KYMS is a warm, student-centered, interdisciplinary, multi-age Modern Orthodox middle school that fosters creativity, critical thinking, confidence & compassion.  

Position Description

Kohelet Yeshiva Middle School, a new, educationally progressive, 6-8 Modern Orthodox Day School located in Merion Station, Pennsylvania, seeks a dynamic and talented educator for the position of Teacher of Humanities for the 2017-2018 school year. More than just an English Language Arts or Social Studies expert, we are looking to add a  warm, dynamic, passionate educator to our team. Creativity, flexibility, organization, preparation, and dedication are a must for this position. The Teacher of Humanities will use knowledge about best practices and instructional strategies to develop Humanities lessons and resources that directly support a progressive school model.



The successful candidate will be able to:

  • Lead a mixed-age and ability class along with other teaching team members.
  • Work collaboratively with school-based team to design and implement project-based and inquiry-based integrated Humanities curriculum.
  • Utilize research-based best practices in Humanities instruction to create rigorous, dynamic learning environments for middle schoolers.
  • Assess students in a variety of ways, including informal and formal assessment, and use that data to assist student growth and self-reflection.
  • Possess experience using Reading and Writing Workshop project models in a meaningful way for personalized learning.
  • Cultivate a positive classroom environment that will engage students in learning and foster creativity through problem solving and the development of 21st Century skills such as communication and collaboration.
  • Utilize dynamic instructional groupings to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Determine students’ academic and social emotional learning goals and ensure they’re met.
  • Be active in the school community (attend events at yeshiva Middle School, including professional development, open house events, among others).
  • Design dynamic learning experiences that incorporate the learning principles of yeshiva Middle School.
  • Communicate learning targets and outcomes to colleagues, parents, and students on a regular basis.
  • Build and maintain positive and open partnerships with all members of the school community.


The successful candidate will have:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in education.
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in English, History, or a Humanities related field.
  • Prior experience with creating child-centered learning activities, including classroom teaching experience with middle school students.
  • Experience with constructivist pedagogy and a student-centered classroom.
  • Ability to set concrete, ambitious goals for students.
  • Willingness to work with students outside of their academic content area
  • An ability to show a reflective mindset, an intellectual curiosity, and leadership potential.
  • Willingness to fully participate in the fast-paced “all-hands-on-deck” culture of a first-year, multi-age, 6-8 Orthodox Day School.
  • Interest in co-teaching with colleagues in Judaic Studies and Humanities Education at the 6-8 grade level so as to create meaningful integration between secular and Judaic Studies curriculum.
  • Desire to take risks in an environment where the success and failure of all initiatives will be publically shared so as to advance the field of Jewish Education in North America.

Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

If you want to be part of a team of passionate and talented educators that are committed to changing the face of Jewish education, please email your resume to Kohelet Yeshiva Middle School: innovators@yeshivalabschool.org.     

Visit us online for more information about our educational philosophy and to learn more about our school:

Web: www.yeshivalabschool.org

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